Click Here for Great Article on "What to Give Your Tax Preparer"
Copy of Last Year's Tax Return (New Clients Only)
Form W-2 Wage Statements
Interest and Dividend Income - Forms 1099-INT & 1099-DIV
Mortgage Interest Paid - Form 1098
Real Estate Taxes Paid
DMV Automobile Registration Paid - You will need the license plate # and the last 5 digits of the VIN
◦ Check https://www.dmv.ca.gov/FeeCalculatorWeb/vlfForm.do
New car purchase paperwork for Sales Tax & License Fee deductions
Charitable Contributions - Cash & Non-cash (must have receipts)
Click here for help with valuing non-cash items -- take photos!
Stock Sales - Form 1099-B
Original Cost of Stock; Date of Purchase; Sales Price; Date of Sale
Pension/IRA Income - Form 1099-R
California Income Tax Refund - Form 1099-G
Student Loan Interest Paid
Alimony Paid or Received (Need SSN of Recipient)
Lottery/ Gambling Winnings & Losses (only to offset winnings)
Self-Employment Income & Expenses
Rental Income & Expenses
Form K-1's for Partnerships, LLC, Estates & Trusts
Final Closing Escrow Statements for Sale or Refinance of Real Estate
Social Security & Unemployment Income
Medical & Dental Expenses (only if it exceeds 10% of income)
Child Day Care Expenses (under age 13 only)
◦ Provider's Name; Provider's Address & Phone #; Provider's Federal Identification Number;
     Amount Paid per Child
Education Tuition Costs for Any Family Member
Employee Business Expenses (if exceeds 2% of your income)
Expenses Related to Investments
Amount Contributed to Your IRA or Roth IRA
Moving Expenses (if more than 50 miles for a new job)
Safe Deposit Box Rental
List of Amounts & Dates Estimated Taxes Paid
Any Correspondence from the IRS or Franchise Tax Board
Copy of Most Recent Paycheck Stubs (if you want to change withholding)
Bank Account Number & Routing Number to Direct Deposit Those Big Tax Refunds!
Invoices from Purchases Made over the Internet Where NO California Sales or Use Tax was Paid
If you are still confused about what to bring, print this organizer ... it might help!
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